Every Tuesday 10.30 – 12.00  – All welcome

The Scout Hut Cafe was started in June 2015 to provide a  cup of coffee, a piece of cake and the opportunity for residents to socialise for an hour or so once a week.

Initially about a dozen ladies turned up but soon the word spread and we had twenty or more. This has grown further and we get thirty or forty – with a group of men and some (grand?) mothers and children. A group of walkers join us 3 or 4 times a year and stops for a drink and a short rest. Our new rector (Andy) drops in from time to time and a few people bring their dogs to make friends and hoover the floor for crumbs!

The group meets every Tuesday except Easter and Christmas. There is often a birthday to celebrate – or hot cross buns, or pancakes.

Not just a cafe – also a party venue


Scout Hut Cafe Elsie 90th birthday 4
Elsie’s 90th birthday party


And here is a video of a typical Click cafe morning